How to register domain name .kh

Cambodia Code Domain (.kh)

Rather than owning a generic or global domain, some companies might interests in owning a local code domain based on their country. Cambodia is assigned as country domain code [.kh]. We are also provide the registration of [.kh] domain for local companies in Cambodia. This domain is provided only to licensed company which has been registered with Ministry of Commerce of CAMBODIA or any organization which is recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affair only. This country code domain [.kh] is under full control and managed by Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPTC).


  • For companies: Certified copy of company license issued by Ministry of Commerce (certified by Phnom Penh Municipal)
  • For NGO or others: please provide certified copy of letter of acception or any aggreement paper with Ministry of Foreign Affair certified by Phnom Penh municipal too.
  • Filling the domain registration and update form.


Regulation on Registering a Domain Name

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications having seen:

  • The constitution of Cambodia
  • The Decree No NS RKT 1198 72 dated 30 November 1998 on the formation of the Government of Cambodia
  • The Decree No 02.NS.94 dated 20 July 1994 on the establishment of the Council of Ministers
  • The Decree No NS RKM 0196-20 dated 24 January 1996 on the establishment of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
  • The Sub-decree No 66 GNRKBK dated 22 October 1997 on the organization and conduct of Posts and Telecommunications
  • The resolution No 154 SSR dated 11 December 1991 by the Council of Ministers on the tariffs



1. Scope
  • The purpose of this document is the allow person and other legal entities, or their agents, apply for registration of a new Domain Name
2. Definitions
  • Top Level Domain Name is the country code name, eg. “kh” for Cambodia that normally appears last in any Internet name.
  • Second Level Domain Name is the name that appears one level to the left of the LTD, eg. .com, .edu, .gov, .org, etc,.
  • Third Level Domain Name is the name that appears one level to the left of second level domain name. This is the name that is normally applied for by public, eg.
  • The DNS Administrator is the person in charge of registration of domain names and confirms it on behalf of the Internet community.
3. Rules and Naming Structure under the Top Level Domain .kh
3.1 Policies for registration of Second and Third Level Domain Names under the TLD “kh” are as follows :
  • The name must conform to the relevant technical Internet requirements. A domain Name ideally needs to be between 3 and 12 characters (-), but not at the beginning or the end of the name. No spaces are allowed
  • A name may be rejected if that name is considered to be offensive or inappropriate
3.2 Second Level Domain Names :
  •            Personal.
  •          Commercial entities.
  •           Education institutions below the network providers.
  •           Government institutions.
  •            Military institutions
  •            Only for the computers of network providers.
  •            Organizations of a variety of structure/composition. 
3.3 Conflict in Third Level Domain Names :
  • Third Level Domain Names must conform to the general structure as stated in Paragraph 3.1 A domain name should resemble the company name or be identical to the company name.
  • Each applicant may find out from the DNNS administrator is not responsible for the name chosen by each applicant if later found unsuitable by other entities. However, if a conflict occurs during the registration procedure, DNS administrator will withhold the process until the case has been settled in a written legal agreement signed by both parties.
  • For Domain Names that are identical to trade names the DNS Administrator will assign the Domain Name to the company that has registration at the Ministry of Commerce even though that Domain Name had already been assigned to the other Company.
  • The same rule applies to Company name
  • If there is conflict between trade name and company name, trade name has priority.
  • For DNS names that are not identical to trade name or company name, DNS administrator will assign on a first come first served basis
  • Certain names are not allowed, e.g. Cambodia
4. Registration and Fees
  • The application shall be made to the DNS Administrator at the following
     Address shown in Paragraph 8.
  • The fee for the registration of a Domain Name is US$75. This covers the first 12 months from the date of the Domain Name certified by the DNS Administrator.
  • A new registration fee is payable for any change of Domain Name.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Removal of a domain name is free of charge 
5. Renewal Fees
  • The annual renewal fee is US$70
  • Fees are non refundable.
  • The DNS administration will inform the applicant by E-mail 30 days prior to expiry requesting applicant to pay another year’s annual fee to be entitled to continue using the Domain Name. Penalty fee of 2% per month for late payment shall apply.
6. Revocation of a Domain Name
  • A domain name will be de-registered in the event that the fee is not paid within 60 days of the due date.
7. Transfer of Domain Name 
  • Domain name should be used by the designated holder as stated in the application only. Any transfer of name shall be accompanied with a new application with the registration fee payable.


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